Hubert Lemieux

Hubert Lemieux



Street or road #

White house, two storeys, large veranda

Type of building/structure/objectTwo-storey house clad with white aluminium siding

Owners (original, former, current)The Lemieux family, Hubert, son of Arthur Lemieux. The current owner is André Taillefer, an excavation contractor.

Design or physical value (description of each structure, materials, anything unusual or rare, especially its architecture)

Pretty cottage with a softly slopping two-sided gable roof, with a large covered veranda supported by columns and decorated with balusters. Wooden house covered with white aluminum siding. The front windows are decorated with black awnings that enhance its look. An extension at the back, possibly a kitchen, completes the house.

Buildings of little heritage value on site


Historical or associative value (brief history or historical references)

The property belonged to the Lemieux family and was known for its huge strawberry fields. The owner was Hubert Lemieux, who married Laurence Roy. They had ten children. Hubert passed away on May 19, 2016, at the age of 90. The current owner is André Taillefer, an excavation contractor.

Contextual value (description of the surroundings: cultural or natural landscapes and landmarks)

This property extended to both sides of Navan Road and was one of the beautiful lands farmed in the area.


Comité des sites patrimoniaux : Colette Côté, Guy Legault, Françoise Miller

Auteure : Colette Côté (2017)


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