Annette Côté House

Annette Côté House

Annette Côté House


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Bungalow, grey stucco and imitation stone

Type of building/structure/object One-and-a-half storey house, bungalow style with gabled roof, grey stucco and imitation stone covering.

Owners (original, former, current)The first owners were Rosaire and Germaine Forget, who sold the property to Eugène Côté on October 10, 1958. Eugène stayed on the property until he moved to the Saint-Louis Residence in 1980 and sold it to his eldest son, Lucien. Following Lucien’s death on July 17, 2014, his wife Annette (born Séguin) became the owner.

In May 2017, this property was sold to a business offering decoration, renovation and repair services.

Design or physical value (description of each structure, materials, anything unusual or rare, especially its architecture)

During the 1990s, the house was renovated and expanded. Three dormer windows were added: a large dormer on the north side to add a bathroom on the upper floor and two dormer windows on the front. This house changed in style and became a Canadian house with a rounded roof and an added front porch spanning the full length of the house. A new double garage was also built in front of the existing one, featuring a gable roof and a dormer window in the same style as the house as well as a covered passage between the two buildings. The interior also underwent several changes: hardwood floors were installed throughout, the kitchen cabinets were replaced, the staircase was embellished and patio doors were added to open onto a huge porch at the back of the house.

Buildings of little heritage value on site

The first garage, not connected to the house, with access to its basement on the north side.

Historical or associative value (brief history or historical references)

This house was built on former farmland.

Contextual value (description of the surroundings: cultural or natural landscapes and landmarks)

Residence on main street which is undergoing a commercial transformation.


Comité des sites patrimoniaux : Colette Côté, Guy Legault, Françoise Miller

Auteure : Colette Coté (2017) (photos fournies par Colette Côté)


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